Breaking Point

March 18, 2012
By MichelMan SILVER, Decorah, Iowa
MichelMan SILVER, Decorah, Iowa
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My status asked me,
what was on my mind,
but it's so impossible,
which words to find,

when I think of,
just 10 years ago,
sitting in elementary,
and I didn't know,

all the things that happened,
on this very day.
and how things fell,
every which way.

I didn't know of the people,
who jumped to flee,
out windows, from smoke,
on every story,

and how they died,
for what was young,
and now i listen,
to songs well sung,

in memory of people,
who died in a way,
in a way so tragic,
on 9/11 day.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after 9/11 this past year. In English class we listened to numerous songs and watched multiple videos about the events that occurred and I realized that I was clueless of the severity of what happened. I understood that terrorists had made the plane fly into the Twin Towers and that they fell over and many people were killed. But not until that class period I never understood the true amount of tragedy and devastation that occurred. Some of the videos brought a knot so tight in my throat, and tears so sour.. I was partially ashamed of my ignorance on what happened that day. Some may understand, like I did, but in small town Iowa, an elementary student, you may not have realized. So please. Youtube 9/11. brush up on what happened. And give the day and celebrations the respect they deserve.

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