"Eyes: An Introspection During an Out of Body Experience"

March 18, 2012
By Micky_d27 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Micky_d27 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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"The heart has reasons, that reason knows nothing of." Blaise Pascal

Eyes shut.They water sometimes you know I'm not sure why I have no emotion.I feel nothing.You said you loved me but it ain't easy.Have you noticed how I've been feeling lately.I try and try to make you see but you're blinded by the cloak of love, hate,anger,sorrow,of pain.What do you see? If I am nothing than you see nothing.Can you believe how much time has passed.It changes people.You told me you changed.I don't believe you.Maybe it's your outlook on life that has changed;you've altered your perspective.And you know why you don't see much of a change from me. It's because I was always like this, just too blind to see so I got a new set of eyes prescribed just for me.I see the world and people differently like 9/11.When the smoke rose up from the depths of nowhere,it blanketed everything.The buildings choked on the fog of hatred while the people were soaked by it.A whole city smothered in blood lust in a matter of minutes. My new eyes worked like this fog, this undying disgust for Americans.It conformed to my sockets,seeped into my skull,extracted the old blueprint in my brain and wired in a new.Red wire.Blue wire.Green wire.Black wire.First the red wire was wrapped intricately through my brain.Then the blue through that and green coiled around them tying them together so that if anyone,ANYONE, tried to steal my eyes from me,they would in turn steal my conscious.The heart of all my programming,the inner workings of my soul,the complex structuring of my very essence, me. But there is one more wire to be put in place...the black.Now if done wrong I would've been as f***ed up as Mclovin or Saw.But how would I know if they did it wrong? And who are they? Is this all a big puzzle constructed in my cranium so as we speak I am subconsciously trying to unlock the keys to the Jigsaw I have been entrapped in.A trap in myself.I am my own trap. I am my own trap.I.AM.MY.OWN.TRAP.

Millions of people suffocated by the untimely bombing of the Twin Towers.Countless bodes piled up as their time ran out.Head brace smashed the skull.Giant oven fried whoever didn't make it inside the safe hole.Killed in their own homes,teenagers,who failed to outrun the eternally silent screaming mask.

So I keep my eyes shut.
To block out all the pain,the stress,the anger,and even the love and the joy.That's why they water sometimes you know.To drain out all my emotions.But you see I always keep 'em shut,squeeze extra hard so that the water is absorbed,my eyelashes drink them up so that mascara bleeds.But it doesn't.So hot liquid singes my eyelids.I feel nothing.I see nothing.I am her; nothing.That's why they water sometimes you know.

The author's comments:
This poem was written as an allusion/mood poem. I alluded to 9/11, McLovin (Superbad),Scream, Saw/Jigsaw, as well as my own personal experiences. I wrote this from the point of view of someone; myself actually, having an out of body experience deciding to do an introspection on my life and trying to figure out why I feel so detached from my body, mind, soul, and life.

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