March 18, 2012
By MichelMan SILVER, Decorah, Iowa
MichelMan SILVER, Decorah, Iowa
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Live for Yourself.

Trying to sleep,
on a bed of cold stone,
with sheets and clothes,
you've long outgrown.

Tryin to live,
In a world so serene,
people look at you cruelly,
and think you obscene.

You live in the shadows,
of our fears and our doubts,
youu live and survive,
with no in's or out's.

Yet we think ourselves mighty,
so pronounced, so proud,
we think our ways the best,
but we're just lost in the crowd.

We must step from our thrones,
and see what those see,
see through the eyes,
of those in poverty.

The author's comments:
I have a rather lengthy collection of poems that I have written the past 3 and a half years, some in a journal, others just as Facebook statuses or something that I found recently and pasted to a note sheet, all written at various times. So I can't quite recall when this was written. If i had to decide. I think it was composed the Christmas break of my 8th grade year, upon my visit to San Francisco, California to visit family.. seeing all of the "bums" and "grungies" struck me. How people treated them was less than respectable and i felt for them. hence this writing.

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