Fame as We See

March 18, 2012
Hustle and bustle,
busy work fame.
People fight for rank,
for popularity to claim.

Fame to the fake,
yet fame to the bold,
fame to the present,
and past stories told.

Famous is dead,
yet famous lives on,
on in our lives,
in our strifes forgone.

We treasure the famous,
the people with "skills",
but why don't we think,
of those with strong wills?

The ones who fight,
and the ones who die,
they fight for our flag,
so it may still fly.

Tell us the famous,
who have died the past year.
Their names remembered,
and Forever held dear.

But tell us the names,
of 5 soldiers who've died,
who've died for our country,
our flag, and our Pride.

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