March 18, 2012
I do not see what others see,
They see a ferocious lion,
Ready to attack at will.
They see, yet I am blind.
I wish I could see who they see.

They see brilliance and intelligence,
Married with beauty and airs.
Yet why do I see a monstrosity?
She knows she must pick up her head,
But it has fallen so low.

It may as well be 20,000 leagues under the
She may be enigmatic and effervescent on
the outside,
But underneath lies the torment,
And wars that rage within.
I see someone crestfallen and dejected.

They see stability and valor,
Where I see a girl who,
Would rather bear the yoke alone.
They sanction her and boast of her,
Never knowing the chains they place.

Like a dump site
For the baggage of the masses,
She carries more than she is required.
They see a woman;
With a heart who will reach out and

I see a witch, whose cold heart,
Will strike and ensnare.
He sees a woman with a shining smile
And twinkling eyes filled with life.
I see a tear stained face with eyes

He sees pure perfection
Where I see only prominent flaws.
He says he loves her just the way she is
I hear others say the contrary.
I do not know who he sees.

He says he will love her always
But she sees the women around him.
He says he sees only her,
But she has no clue what he sees in her
Or why he stays with her.
She knows it must be love,
But who could love beast?

They all see independence and bearing
I see stubbornness and gall.
When I look in the mirror,
I do not see who they see.
I see not even a semblance of her.

I crave to be, thirst to see,
Yearn to know, to recognize
To really feel that I truly am who they see.
When I look in the mirror
I want to see who I know I really am,
Not what pain has done to me.
Free of this savage mutant I have become.

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