I Wasn't His Daughter

March 18, 2012
He said,
“You don’t know what it’s like to be unwanted, trust me.”
I laughed at that,
And told him a story.
My story, to be exact,
The one about my family.
The story of my shattered life,
The story of my being lonely.
It started with a little girl,
Let’s just pretend that she isn’t me.
It began with bunches of giggles and smiles,
This girl knew who she wanted to grow up to be
This girl had a family
But it had never been full
Bounced from one house to another
A choice of mommy or daddy
To each side she was pulled
Her daddy got married
One side of her life was whole
But then her mom met a man
And her attention he stole
This man was named matthew,
But after eight years
He was called dad.
She was around eleven,
And she thought it was a family she had.
Her real father was strict,
And the girl and him grew apart.
Visits became phone calls,
And soon more fighting would start.
So she stuck with her daddy,
Remember, matt was his name.
Their relationship was rocky,
But he was to blame.
A liar, a cheater,
A user, an abuser.
The truth was soon to come out.
This girl’s dad was a traitor,
An offender no doubt.
From long nights watching movies
As daughter and father
His personality switched
As a kid he no longer saw her.
She was his prey,
When he was lonely at night.
His hands would crawl up her legs,
Her back,
Dip under her clothes
And out of sight.
For three years this went on,
And it led to nothing but pain.
This girl is now fourteen,
And she curses his name in vain.
He was her daddy,
But she wasn’t his daughter.
I guess he just wasn’t cut out
For being a father.
Her family’s back to broken,
Drama ‘s all shes ever known
She takes medicine for depression
Her maturity has grown.
Her mother holds guilt,
But secretly, so does she.
That little girl was me.
I told someone this story
Because being unwanted is something i know
Maybe now he'll understand me
And the feelings I show

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