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March 18, 2012
By textaholic1025 PLATINUM, Bloomville, Ohio
textaholic1025 PLATINUM, Bloomville, Ohio
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I am not you punching bag
I am a human being
just like you.
I have feelings
just like you.
I feel pain
just like you.
I go through problems
just like you.
But there's a difference
between me and you
I understand other's feelings
not like you.
I help a friend when they fall
not like you.
I am proud of who I am
not like you.
I'm not afraid to speak up
not like you.
I don't let others change me
not like you.
I do whats best for others
not like you.
I put my friends first
not like you.
I treat others with respect
not like you.
I do everything I can to succeed
without hurting others
And while we may share
many common things
I am nothing like you
I am not a bully
I don't hurt others for my amusement.
I don't need to see others hurt
to complete my day.
Yeah we're a lot alike
But I have a heart and soul
I do whats right
Not like you

The author's comments:
I wrote this when my brother came home from school one day crying. I remember The hurt in his voice as he told me how a kid had bullied him at school. I felt determined to be a good big sister and teach him how to stand up to bullies. The next day in study hall i thought back to watching and listening to my brother tel me his story and wrote this poem. This is what I have to say to the kid that made my sweet innocent little brother run home crying. I'll never forget how he ran into my eyes crying and explaining everything to me. I feel bad every time I hear about kids being bullied or kill themselves because of bullying. I don't see why we need to have this problem and pray everyday that it will stop and not another kid will come home the way my little brother did.

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