not like you

March 18, 2012
I am not you punching bag
I am a human being
just like you.
I have feelings
just like you.
I feel pain
just like you.
I go through problems
just like you.
But there's a difference
between me and you
I understand other's feelings
not like you.
I help a friend when they fall
not like you.
I am proud of who I am
not like you.
I'm not afraid to speak up
not like you.
I don't let others change me
not like you.
I do whats best for others
not like you.
I put my friends first
not like you.
I treat others with respect
not like you.
I do everything I can to succeed
without hurting others
And while we may share
many common things
I am nothing like you
I am not a bully
I don't hurt others for my amusement.
I don't need to see others hurt
to complete my day.
Yeah we're a lot alike
But I have a heart and soul
I do whats right
Not like you

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