A Secret to Hide

March 18, 2012
Silky gold hair

That shines like the sun

Hazel green eyes

Turn brown just for fun

Envious friends

Admire her beauty

A cute little waist

And a pretty big booty

Her body's not perfect

But it's pretty damn close

With an hourglass figure,

She's got rights to boast

But she's got a secret

Something to hide

She's quite self conscious

On the inside

Her past is a mess

Hanging on by a thread

Just a few times

She's wished she was dead

They all think she's perfect

But clearly she's not

The words that were said

She never forgot

She loves her life now

Don't get her wrong

But it's still quite hard

She's gotta stay strong

So with the power of friendship

And music and love

Passion surrounds her

She'll push and she'll shove

She'll win this tough battle

With each breath she inhales

She'll beat the game of life.

She will prevail.

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illusions said...
Sept. 4, 2012 at 1:38 pm
i like this poam but i dont like the ending paragraph. i feel that the ending paragraph is as imporantant as the first, so it should be strong. the ryme sceme was shirted in the lst paragraph which made the poam not a 5. dont get me wrong, i really like it, and the meaning, but i just thought the ending should have been as good as the first paragraph. over all, good job.
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