March 18, 2012
By XxScenekidxX GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
XxScenekidxX GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
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"You are my rose and I am your Thorn...,"

Never felt so hurt,
I'm utterly dying intentionally,
there's no way to escape this one,
there's nothing to replace it,
cant sleep,
continuous nightmares of us together,
never felt so used,
i thought things were going so well,
I've waited for this moment for a really long time,
but now I'm crushed,
you may think things may be fine just because we talked about it,
I'm taking it harder than you think,
my stomach has tightened that i think I'm going to be sick,
I'm really trying to let go more than anything,
i don't feel the same,
Not myself anymore,
Never have been so hung someone like this before,
hurts more than death, you kissed me,
used me,
i told you everything,
i trusted you,
but just treated me like something you long forgotten,
just don't think i can love again,
not ever again

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