The Abused

March 13, 2012
By Tonisaurusrex BRONZE, Shorview, Minnesota
Tonisaurusrex BRONZE, Shorview, Minnesota
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"well behaved women seldom make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

You lash out when you're angry
but your eyes are filled with terror.
Is it because you were hurt?
Even so I, your victim, feel pain.

You vicious, rabid, hatred filled dog
you scared, shaking horrified puppy.
Should I feel sorry for you?
You growl, and bare your teeth.
I flinch. I'm terrified.

I try to comfort you
but your cruel claws tear and slash
leaving my hand gushing, blood red.
But your fury is a mirror of your life.

Abused,hurt, uncared for.
You suffer, maybe more than I.
But do you see the pain you cause?
you, of all, should understand it.
But you were hated, and so you hate.

Sneering, teeth bared.
I cry out in fear.
I know your life has not been anything above tragic,
but it's still not okay to take it out on me, or any others.

Should I be ashamed?
I'm so sorry but,
It's beneficially for me,
to hate you

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