Gone Like Her.

March 13, 2012
Behind the clouds.
Hiding between the stars.
Shielding itself behind the sea.
With the fish.
Putting on a smile.
To hide the pain.
Shining like a rainbow.
After two thousand minutes of rain.
Wishing you were gone.
Gone like lost socks.
Disappearing acts.
The beautiful assistant,
in all of the magic tricks.
Gone like her.
With a painted face.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green.
Back to that rainbow again.
The winning goal at a soccer game.
But in the wrong goal.
For the wrong team.
The hatred that comes with that.
Even though it was a mistake,
like losing that sock.
Now you have a sock with no match.
Like a widowed woman.
The five letter word you win scrabble with.
That happy feeling.
But, if you jumble up the 5 letters of woman.
Replace a few.
You have the word gone.
Gone like that lost sock.
Gone just like her.

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