On The Edge

March 13, 2012
By Mia Lemire BRONZE, Gilmanton, New Hampshire
Mia Lemire BRONZE, Gilmanton, New Hampshire
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The wind is present
as she approaches the edge.
Her hair whips her face softly
and the breeze feels good
against her bare cheeks.
She takes in her surroundings
and receives a sense of freedom
she had never felt before.

She thinks about her exhausting life.
How she has always felt trapped
by her parent’s rules
and by everyone around her.
How she has always done things
to make other people happy.
How she never did things
for her own happiness.

For once she is doing something
for herself,
standing on this ledge, like she’s
always dreamed of.
She looked down at the water below
which was calling for her.
Oh, how she had always longed to be in it.
She took in a deep breath and with that
dived off the ledge
into the welcoming water.

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