March 13, 2012
Imagine, if only for a moment, you could see
the entirety of the world's divine beauty again. Children are at play
as the electric sun of middle July nourishes their youth,
and leaves them with a bronze reminder of treasured memories.
Flowers in the garden bloom with a peaceful purity, as time stands still.

Yet, I shiver. Loathsome aches and pains are but a nuance
now. Anxiety moves my body, and my stomach churns
to a detest rhythm. Panic, pumps through my brain
as the little beasts slowly devour my being. A metallic feeling makes it difficult
to remember how happiness feels, if not impossible.

Still, I continue stare into the abyss of hell. Frozen darkness
swells around me, like an impenetrable barrier designed to seclude
me for eternity. I fight to break through the walls, but all I can see
is a mysterious path to the unknown. I listen for an answer,
only to be presented with monotonous silence.

Memories convulse through my mind, clinging onto the last bits of joy.
Sorrow drowns the soul, and floods the heart of the outsider
looking in. I long to see life's exquisiteness again, but I know I am fading
from reality. Sand pours through the glass at a sickening
pace, as the the battle with the monster concludes.

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