Monster In Me

March 13, 2012
By gilchresty GOLD, Juneau, Alaska
gilchresty GOLD, Juneau, Alaska
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"Whats the point of growing up if you cant be childish sometimes"

Lights, Camera, Action
As I step up to the stage
I think about my past, yet I resist the blind rage
They see the marvelous me, but the monster is locked in the cage
and every now and then it comes out to express its hunger
It cries out loud, and roars like thunder
But the thing is, no one can see the monster but meSo it eats me alive on the inside, and all I'm trying to do is set it free
Life is the push that keeps me going
At the same time the heart of the beast keeps growing
The struggle of this connection
Plants me in the middle trying to avoid all deception
Who knows how this monster was born
Is it a creature of my sorrow in a soul-bound form
Does it collect the tears of my past
And try to break my self-esteem like glass
Or is it beneficial, is this monster a lesson that life is teaching me to be stronger
If it is with me until I die, or shall it leave to wander
As crazy as it sounds, that monster may have been the largest part of who I am
Psychologically speaking, I might break down if it lets the door slam

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece actually kind of like a freestyle, just right of the top of my head.

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