What I Want

March 13, 2012
I want someone who takes my breath away,
Who steals it without trying like a
7 year old’s ice cream on a sunny day
I want my heart to melt for you.

And I want nothing more than for you to feel
The exact same way, so that when
I hold you, my embrace is welcomed
With the same joy that I feel when your
Breathe on my chest seems to penetrate
My ribcage and flows into my heart.

And I want the you that will just stay there with me,
That will just accept that my heart is
A prison in which you are kept,
And in yours I want to be chained down
And held hostage so that I can prove to
You that I make a pretty sweet houseguest.

And I want to show you every day that I love you,
And I don’t want you to think it’s annoying
When you get flowers on a Tuesday
For no good reason besides because,
And that you’ll welcome them with a smile.
Because you make me want to break rank
And file and cause the soldier of my
Heart to turn into one massive butterfly.

And I want to build a home with you,
To cede to your idea that periwinkle is an
Appropriate color for the bathroom, and
That maybe I don’t need a man cave- for now,
And you say it in your affectionate way because
You know that you will never let me get one.

And I want to build our kids first mobile from scratch,
Just me and you, glitter and glue,
And a handful of miniature stuffed animals
We bought from the zoo. And I promise
To read two bedtime stories a night,
And if they put up a fight,
Three- if you’ll lie there and turn the pages with me.

And I want to grow old with you,
To have the kind of love that can only
Be measured by our forehead wrinkles
And laugh lines. To be able to tell the tales
To our grandchildren about that time
I first laid eyes on you, and knew,
Our story would end with ever after.

And this is what I want-- more than anything,
Someone that will hold me at the end and say it’s
Okay. The you- who still takes my breath away,
But makes me want to breathe all the more
Knowing that with every breath we breathe,
Comes another reason to stay.

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