Something in the Air

March 12, 2012
By MissRebellious PLATINUM, Redmond, Washington
MissRebellious PLATINUM, Redmond, Washington
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Something in the air
Just out of reach
You can’t smell it
Or feel it
You can’t hear it
Or taste it
But you know that it’s there

Winding its way through your mind
Wrapping its fingers around your life
Hiding in crevices all over the Earth
Haunting the shadows
Like an overpaid ghost

The prickle on the back of your neck
Tells you it’s back
Just out of reach
You can’t even see it

Pay attention to it
And you’ll surely go mad
Ignore it forever
And you’ll feel like a fool
A balance to needing to be found
Before it’s too late

You know that it’s there
Effecting all of time
And yet chances are
It doesn’t know you

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