March 12, 2012
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He had the addicting personality
but the problem was what he was addicted to
She was drawn to him
Maybe because her father was an addict
maybe because she thought she could save him
She had already got him off weed
and stopped his abuse with pain pills
she loved his smile
the way he lit up a room
How he made her silly
His flirty lines made him all the more attractive
and she flirted back
she tried not to
Because he did have a girlfriend
But she didn't deserve him
She didn't care that he was drinking himself to death
She didn't hold his head when he was hungover
Rub his back when he was sick
Call to comfort him when he was scared
Write letters on his behalf
Speak in his defense
She was not enough
But somehow
He stayed with her
He asked her advice on their relationship
And she gave it to him
Because she cared
And it killed her

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