March 12, 2012
The journey we will never understand
Footprints have been left behind in the sand
People have tread upon this soft ground
But never again will they come around
The mark they left will not disappear
It will only fade year after year
Sometimes waves crash upon the shore
And we think the footprints are no more
But when the layer of sand they left is blown away
We realize these footprints are here to stay
Some prints may be small and light, others big and deep
Any print upon this ground the sand is sure to keep
Each print is unique with its own story to share
Some are very common, while others much more rare
New footprints can be made there is always open space
But the prints already created, new footprints can't erase
The sand surrounds them, and offers them protection
It molds around every single one, and with each has a special connection
These prints all have their very own space, and each a special mark
Some show themselves at any time, while others remain hidden in the dark
Some prints help you to remember, while others help you forget
Some are made by people you know, and others by those you just met
Each footprint carries a memory of a time once here now past
But even as the time goes on the memory is sure to last
Cherish each and every footprint whether old or one brand new
And remember that sometimes the most remarkable prints are the ones created by YOU

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