Hand in Hand

March 12, 2012
By harry2potter2nerd BRONZE, Zanesville, Indiana
harry2potter2nerd BRONZE, Zanesville, Indiana
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I don’t know what to say
When I see you walking by
So close, I could scream
Nearly hand in hand

You used to hate him,
What happened to that?
He used to be your enemy
But now you’re nearly hand in hand

I gave up on love,
Oh, so long ago
My one wish for my existence
Is to not care when you’re hand in hand.

Green eyes burn through you
But you can’t tell
You ignore everyone else with him,
You’re nearly hand in hand

I do not think you like…
no… you do…
Or maybe you don’t
Nearly hand in hand.

Everyone can see it.
I don’t care if it’s true,
Walking side by side,
As good as hand in hand

The author's comments:
This was kinda, somewhat-ish inspired by real life. If anyone I know reads this, trust me, it's probably not what you're thinking about.

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