The Vampire

March 12, 2012
By Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
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I entered the restaurant
Ready to feast
On what humans could not understand
I isolated one
Alone in a corner, all by themselves
I whispered in their ear of others
Standing in groups around
I whispered 'till their green eyes twinkled
And then I left them wanting
I went around for two more times
Before the mood was spread
All greedy ears were listening
And all but two eyes twinkled, and all but two lips moved
I made my move towards the one whose innocent blue eyes blinked
I came up to their ear, and whispered low
I asked if they had heard of the blue eyed girl
I whispered with the mutters of others moving lips
Until her blue eyes turned black as night and I knew that I was done
She climbed the stairs, as I lurked behind her still my red lips moving
She climbed onto the roof and neared the ledge
As she moved her lips moved too, repeating silently what she had heard
She stood upon the edge as I stood back
She opened her lips to say aloud that she had been asked too many times to leave this earth to stay here any longer
And as her black eyes fell, blending into the dark below, I followed adrift above her
She lay there on the concrete, looking up into the sky
With her last breath she drew she questioned, or was I pushed?
As I picked her up and drew her blood in through my only redder lips

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This article has 1 comment.

Brie555 said...
on Mar. 29 2012 at 9:20 pm
!!! I dont know what to say.. To be honest, this pice made me cry. It shocked me when it downed on me what the blue eyed girl was going to do when she got up and went up the stairs. I loved it. <3


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