The Things We've Learned, Sung by Mockingbirds (For the Centuries in Eras)

March 12, 2012
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I’ve taken my time to wake up;
Rubbed my eyes clean of last night,
The very essence of the memory falling carelessly onto my bedroom floor,
Among the muddle of ambiguously dirty clothes.
I stumble across the room,
Feet dragging and kicking lessons I’ve known around like dirt.
How could I find a way to make my thoughts conquer useless actions?
They find their way deep into the pith of my mind,
Merely poisoning my blood stream,
Just as the alcohol
, still in my veins,
Did the night before this day;
The hours of carefree leisure time
Daring the ball of burning fire in the sky to change the time of day,
Not that it ever mattered anyway.
I never cared for the time.
I hope seconds have never cared to see my tired face
Bearing hopeful eyes,
Docile to the pupil.
If moments wasted,
Or time well spent,
Have ever meant a thing,
I would have learned to appreciate what I have,
Or even appreciated the things I have learned,
But I’ve been contemplating about the songs Mockingbirds have sung,
And they’re only boasting about the things I’ve taken for granted,
And the things I’ve learned so far.
So far,
I haven’t learned a damn thing
Except to waste the night away
As if afternoon skies would never show

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