The Sights I See

March 27, 2012
By Jahmir BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Jahmir BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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As I look beside me
So many sights I see
A mother holding her starving child
A poor girl reviled
Little kids crying outside
A man stripped of his pride
A family mourning the death
Of one forced to breathe his last breath

As I look behind me
So many sights I see
A mother struggling to provide
Though constantly denied
A sister now lost to me
Another soon to be
A father I will never want
Whom I will never vaunt
A family ashamed
I am to blame

As I look inside me
So many sights I see
Sorrow like no other
Unable to share with another
An enthralling fear
Piercing like a spear
A suffocating loss of hope
Strangling like a tightly knotted rope
For love a great yearning
But only the constant spurning

All round I see pain
Burning like acid rain
There is no way out
Of this I do not doubt
I see no reason to fight
This great and powerful blight
Better to just lie down
Give in as I drown

As I look before me
A new sight I see
A road leading towards a crack
White against these walls so black
Carefully I tread
Wary of what's ahead
It becomes ever so clear
The more I draw near
In this world of benight
What a beautiful sight
I don't know it's name
But not shall I proclaim

Instead I want to escape this prison
And experience this feeling that has arisen
A hunger has grown
Despite it's state of unknown
I will destroy this wall
I will make it fall
I will go towards this light
And never again will I live in the night

The author's comments:
I'm not really a poet. Although I enjoy writing, my skill lies mostly in the prosaic, not poetic. When I was writing this, I was going through some particularly rough things and felt compelled to put my thoughts to pen, less I did something I would have regretted. Anyway, I would greatly enjoy some feedback on this piece. I would prefer a well thought-out response, though all comments are appreciated.

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