The ride at Midnight

March 21, 2012
By , Palm Desert, CA
Eighteenth of April, of seventy-five is the year.
When hardly men were alive.
A brave man rode that night
To warn the towns’ people of the deadly fight.
The brave man was Paul Revere
Who remembers that year of seventy-five?

Light one arch if the British march
By land and too if by sea.
And I will be in the opposite shore to see,
To write into the night to spread the alarm
And warn the people to get armed.

Over the bay,
A phantom ship of war,
Showed with a moon light prison bar.
There the ship lay.

On the opposite side walked Raul Revere
He watched far and near
It was the bright arch that light the night,
Revere got up on his horse and left on his flight.

It was twelve on the village clock
When Paul revere crossed the bridge into Medford town.
By the time the village clock struck one,
Paul Revere crossed the bridge into Lexington.
When the village clock hits two,
Revere was in concord.

Paul Revere felt the morning breeze hitting the meadow
He knew the person asleep would be the first to fall dead
Killed by a British musket ball.

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