Fated Love Thread

March 18, 2012
~Fated Love Thread~

A thin red thread that’s tied to the pinky
Threaded to another, connecting their souls
Their lives now fated to meet
For their fate will entwine together

A connection they have
One that is so deep, that it may never break
It guides them to one another
Until the very moment they stumble upon another

When their eyes connect, their worlds come together
Mixing with each other to form their future
As they watch one another, their breaths slow
Yet their hearts race

Eyes forever locked to the others’
The world no longer matters
For in that moment, their souls become one
Love that is fated, souls that are connected, they are all they need

A thin red thread that’s tied together
It twines, it wines, it leads
A red guide that takes one to another
For this red thread is called;

Fated Love Thread

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