The Big Red Machine

March 23, 2012
By trainboy PLATINUM, Washington, Virginia
trainboy PLATINUM, Washington, Virginia
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There is that sound of a ball against a bat.

The announcer yells “Home run!”

The batter runs as fast as a cat.

You take a bite from your honey bun.

The Reds player skids to first base.

You jump up in excitement.

The crowd went nuts in this place.

The score was four too two.

And the Reds were up to bat.

One out, one home run.

The Pirates pitcher threw a fast ball.

It was just starting to get fun.

The batter swings but misses.

A strike!

Another ball is thrown…


You kick a nearby safety cone.

The next throw is better.

It starts to rain.

Making the field a little wetter.

But the Reds have a gain.

“Single!” the play is announced.

The batter runs as fast as a cat.

The next batter is up.

“Come on!” you yell.

You take a sip of water from your cup.

Gramps just got back from Taco Bell.

The ball is thrown.

Another hit!

But, it is time for the commercial break


“Dang on it!” you say.

You get up from were you are sitting.

Time to go get dinner.

You walk into the kitchen.

“Here is your spicy taco, Don.” Grammy


She tosses it too you like she has been

practicing pitching.

“Don!” Gramps yells from his room “Who’s


“The Reds,” you yell back “and they are in t

second inning!”

You walked down to the mini fridge to get a


So many choices.

Too many for even Yoda.

You pick out a Barqs Red Cream Soda.

The commercial break is done.

Boy, you sure weren’t in Dakota.

“A double!” the play is announced.

The batter runs as fast as a cat.

One base from another point!

A sixty mile per hour fast ball.

The batter swings but misses.

A strike!

You eat from your spicy taco.

The second ball is thrown.

Another strike!

Third ball with, a double!

The score is now six too two.

There is another play.

But, the Reds strike out.

Though, they are still winning this day.

So you don’t have too pout.

The Pirates are now up too bat.

Marshall is pitching.

There is a person in the stands who looks

like he could eat a rat.

He throws the ball.

The Pirates hitter makes a hit.

A double!

No! You have a short fit.

Another ball is thrown and hit.

So hard it could be seen from Hubble!

A home run for the Pirates!

The score is now six too three.

The Pirates were still up to bat.

You didn't have time to be free.

The ball is thrown again.

The batter takes a strike.

Another ball is thrown.

The Pirates do not have a gain.

You shouldn't have grown.

But, you wish you were on a train.

Back to the game.

Another throw.

But the throw is the one too blame.

Another ball is thrown in the air.

The Pirates are in luck.

"Double!" the announcer blares.

The batter runs as fast as a flying duck!

The Pirates are still up to bat.

But the game is still going good.

Because the Reds are still winning.

You finish eating your food.

It will soon be the last inning.

The game ends in good time.

The Reds win the game.

I just want to have one last rhyme.

You weren't looking for fortune or fame.

Maybe the Pirates would win another day.

The author's comments:
I dedicate this poem to my Uncle Don who, is currently suffering from lukemia. He is a big Cinncanti Reds fan. We love you Uncle Don, and always will!
The Riedel Family of Virgina

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