Gone Forever

March 28, 2012
By Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Raven_Deathwing PLATINUM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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'my happiness is only a mask i wear to hide the tears i cry'

Why couldn’t I have done more to be there for you? Why is my heart shattering into a million little pieces, unable to be fixed again? Why do I cry when I know that one day soon, my tears will show, but never fall? It is all because you are gone forever

I live in this lie, yet people say into it is a reality that we all must share. And I now feel as if there is no place for me here anymore…so do not cry when I am gone, but remember who I was, and why I was here in the first place…you will be the only one who can figure out who I was

I will soon be gone forever, away from this world and everything that has happened…but who will be there when I am not? Or will I forever be alone in the darkness surrounding me? Who will save me? No one will, and this I know for a fact…

Please don’t think badly and ill of me and what I have done…I don’t belong here anymore, so I shall remove myself from this world and will soon be one with those who were lost…

Gone forever…how I will soon be and how everything in this world will not stop to mourn, but pass me by without so much as a glance…

I want to be happy, but every time I go to grasp it, it fades away and laughs because it knows I am too weak to handle it. But one day I shall be strong, and when that day comes, I will be gone forever.

I’m not going to let myself be stuck in this grief forever, so soon I will depart from here to find out where I truly belong

I cannot stay here, for this place brings to many memories back and I cannot let myself be taken down again…but maybe this will work if I can find out what my purpose is in life…but I know it is a lie, so don’t think about trying to stop me, or save me

I will soon hold onto what is left of what I believe in…for only I can hold the Light and Darkness of my heart and I am the only one who can control it…but the light fades away forever…it is gone forever, leaving me in the darkness once more…

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