A tortured Soul- Pill

March 28, 2012
Demon of the inner soul
from the body who refused to pay toll
Avoid the grave at any cost
Hide in the dark to try to become lost
Terror-filled dreams
Breaking apart at sanity's seams
Death's shadow surrounds
Engulfing the frightened heart that heavily pounds
Closer now, bony hand digging into the chest
Pulling out that demon that woke from it's rest
Denying the debt over the years that piled high
Can't get out even if he were to try
The price of blood is what was needed
Dragged to Hell, a cruel way to be treated
Bound with chains
An unbearable mark to add to the list of pains
Now make your mark on pale white skin
Watching the demon's insane grin
Pain like ones never felt before
Pain only told in fairy tale lore
Liquid fire runs past lips
Burning the body inside from paralyzed hips
Still breathing, eyes shut tight
Red and white, now both alike

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