Red Russia Winter

March 28, 2012
Upon subtle sheets of snow
Lies a crimson that dares to let a pink stain show
Ruining the clean and sparkling white
The innocence now out of sight
Let the piercing screams cut winter's silence
Caused by the torturing violence
Red liquid spilling from the too-tainted vein
Body now shuddering from the blistering pain
Cutting in deeper-"Now surrender your soul...
-This is now your unescapable role"
Muscles slicing apart, iron fluid seeping over the edge
Sanity slowly slipping over the ledge
The intensity seems to never ever end
The torture too unfathomable, too horrid to comprehend
Nearing the end, seeing only the dark
The gift of death now out of reach, let the child leave his mark
Not dead- no- just not able to stay awake
"Now give me your soul to take..."
Child's tone giggled, scarlet eyes open to glare
Beaten purple and blue, vermillion clung to colorless hair
Mocking him
Anger bubbling to the brim
Broken to shatter, only to yet again mend
The endless story of this red-stained, Russian winter friend
Not able to escape
His poor, indescribable, horrible- Fate.

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