You Forgot Me

March 27, 2012
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We were close
till you had a chance
to drop me outta your head.
I couldn't believe it
that it could be the end
of our relationship.
It fell like a shooting star
burning with happiness and confidence.
Then dieing off
like a fire in the rain.
I thought we were friends
but friends don't give each other pain.
They care and think of one another
not forget them and delete their number.
Obviously I was hurt
because I was forgotten
but maybe if guys weren't jerks
their hearts wouldn't be broken.
They hide away
because they are afraid to be hurt.
They don't want to shatter
they just want to feel like
they matter.
But just cause they don't feel it
doesn't mean it's not true.
They want someone to love them
cause there is only one person fit for you.
Obviously it wasn't me
but it doesn't matter now.
Cause the burning flame in my heart
has been put out.
But just because it's out
Doesn't mean it can't be re-lit.
Because even though our friendship is gone
I can still live.

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