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March 27, 2012
2012 has by far been the worst. I've grown in a way I never thought I would. I found out who my true, real friends are. And in that process I lost my "best friend". Just one problem can lead to more, I also lost people that really were my friends, because of rumors. You never think stuff like this will happen to you when your young and stupid, as you grow up you learn more about yourself, the world, and people that are in this world. There's such great people out there, and lots of us don't even give these people a chance. We want to be cool like everyone else, so we pick the bad people, these people do horrible things to us, but we go back to them, like it's nothing. Feelings horrible all the time because you know you're being used, but we can't do anything about it, if we do then we loose the only people that are our "friends". We end hurting people that we care for the most, just so were cool. We never think about the pain we put these people through. Then we think about what our "friends" put us through and that's exactly what we do to the good people in our lives. These friends of ours make us think we're the problem, but we never really are. We go home and cry about our lives. We could make it better if we got these people out of our lives, but we know we just can't. School will be so much harder, we'll have no friends, but think about it would you rather have no friends then feel like a failure with them. These good people try to help you with these problems, but you just blow them off, never realizing what you've done. Then poof, these good people no longer want anything to do with you. You've lost such an amazing person, all you had to do was talk to them, and they would have helped and you know they would have. You no longer know what to think, now you really have no body to go to. Hopeless and confused.

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