March 27, 2012
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Imagine if that one mistake was never made,
The lie, never told
Imagine everything being jolly and fun, instead
of this heartbreaking mess
Go back to the days of daisy tights and dresses,
Swing sets and Barbies
Before you knew that you would lose everything important
Go back to the day it happened and change your own mind

Imagine if you had never felt pressured to do something
you knew wasn't right
Picture the days when you would walk down the school hall
and not get dirty looks
Think of the time when the worst thing you did was give the
dog your broccoli at dinner
When the biggest trouble you got in was a five minute timeout
When you're parents didn't have to lecture you because they knew
you were doing the right thing on your own

Imagine you still being sweet, young, and innocent
Before the words s***, w****, and b**** were tossed around freely
When boys had cooties, and best friends were true
When you cared about your grades and enjoyed everyday
Before you cried yourself to sleep and worried about your body image

Go back to the days of family game night and camping trips
Before things fell apart
Before you lost it

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