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March 19, 2012
By ...Travis... GOLD, Medford, Oregon
...Travis... GOLD, Medford, Oregon
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while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us...

What do you do?
When the road of life gets straight. When you run on and on with now seeming understanding of what is to come. When the repetitiveness of life: becomes as the wooden posts carrying the long steel guardrail, ticking by, one at a time, each one with subtle differences to the one before it, like the days of the simple life you live.
What do you do?
When the easy everyday requirements of this world: become as the pounding pavement under your worn-out shoes as you gradually pass the steel guardrail posts at a seemingly decreasing pace, step, by step, by ever-so-painful step.
What do you do?
Center your focus. The pavement beneath you, the guardrail beside you will remain. However they are not your focus. Focus on that spot, that spot far in the distance, that point on the horizon…your home. You focus with faith in the man who has run before you. You focus on the horizon. You focus on the man. The repetitiveness—the pounding—disappears.
You begin to notice the bigger picture: the sunrise in the hills, the animals which cross your path, the runners who have gone before you, the trees so bright and shimmering… swaying in the distance. No matter what, remember, you are not running alone; for, many run with you. Do not pull up before the end. It will arrive before you know it.
What do you do?
You focus on God. With focus you will notice the beauties, which come when you familiarize yourself with that point on the horizon… your home.

The author's comments:
life can be hard, slow, painful, and repetitive.

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