Why Hate?

March 13, 2012
By Anonymous

You are gay!
”How could you think that is okay?
Why are you such a queer?
Get your gay butt out of here!
Your brain is twisted you are wrong.
Your kind does not belong!"
Society builds up these blockades,
They accuse gays of starting AIDS.
They claim that my life is gross.
They have ignorance that surpasses most.
No one can tell me who I can Love,
I was made like this from the man above.
Do you know what you say when you open your lips?
Do you realize you tear people apart into strips?
Don't tell me that I have advantages
You don't know what my life manages.
I mange the hate, the stares, the lies.
All because I can't like guys.
I am in no way luckier than you.
Do not believe it because it is not true.
You have all the Love and the praise,
You can get married and publicly declare your ways.
You can have have children that you can bring up.
You don't have the trouble of adoption or buying sperm in a cup.
Live my life, get stare after stare,
Then let me know if my life is fair.

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