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March 10, 2012
By MaryZann BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
MaryZann BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
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You and yourself
Changing my mind
Bad for my health
You are so blind

Making me happy
Making me sad
Making me crazy
Making me mad

Sometimes I love you
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes I hate you
Sometimes it's both

When will I give up
this pointless game
Find someone better
...if he exists...

Sometimes my feelings
don't even rhyme
I'd write them all down
if I wanted to waste the time

I'd start the zombie
apocalypse for you
Then maybe you'd see
how much I adore you
We could be happy
together for a while
Then I'd shoot you in the head
with a sickening smile
Ha ha.

You are a queer
yet I still want your babies
Unfortunately, the only word to say next is


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