I Miss You Greatly

March 26, 2012
I miss you dearly.
Each day that passes is just another time frame without you.
I miss your laugh and your smile.
I miss everything about you.

I really miss being with you every night playing cards.
Me sitting by you on the bed singing along with our favorite songs as the record plays.
It's summer now.

I remember when we used to go to rummage sales and the flee market.
It was always our thing.
I know your in a better place now.

As much as I long to see your face here.
I know your no longer suffering.
I really do miss you but at least your no longer in pain.
I dream of you every night.

You were loved while you were on earth.
Your still loved after death.
RIP Grandpa

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Gottwice said...
May 24 at 7:58 pm
I'm so Sorry because I supposed to put that when we where in the park with my grandpa we were playing and we had fun in the past but know he died ,,,,,,,I'm so sad that my grandpa died already
Gottwice said...
May 24 at 7:52 pm
I love your poem I remember my grandpa if I'm reading your poem....and it keeps reminding when we were in the park with my grandpa we were playing we had fun but know he died i feel so sad what happen to him
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