Just another poem.

March 26, 2012
By BeckyW SILVER, Dallas, Texas
BeckyW SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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I’m sorry to disappoint you
But I just can't go on
Living as a lie.

We knew it all along
That i couldn't hide forever
In a life that wasn't mine.

You shielded and protected me
From a world so unfamiliar
That i knew was all wrong.

I always believed you support me.
Through thick and thin, you said,
Daddy's princess would always be best.

Just like me you lied, cheated and snuck.
Cutting in and out of important events
Never being there and breaking our bond.

Now I’ve made mistakes
And I’m no longer best.
Placing second to your new toy.

You question why I’m rude,
And urge me to change.
But you never stopped to feel my pain.

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