March 26, 2012
By BeckyW SILVER, Dallas, Texas
BeckyW SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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Love was all I needed,
But you pushed away.
You can’t accept me as I am,
And that broke my heart.

A fight wasn’t necessary,
I didn’t want that.
Just mending words,
To help with the pain.

Three little words.
And I’d come home.
Tres palabras pequeñas.
And I’d run into your arms again.

The feeling of abandonment,
Is too painful for words.
You’ll never understand
Exactly how I feel.

People say “move on,”
“Get over it” and “deal.”
But I can’t forget.
You’ve screwed this up.

You were given a chance,
To be a father and role model.
For a scared little girl,
I sure had faith in you.

You messed up.
You hurt me.
I can not forget.
I refuse to back down.

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