Forgotten Dream of a Child

March 26, 2012
By AnimalLover2 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
AnimalLover2 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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She's grown up now,
not even remembering her dream as a child,
and without knowing it,
the dusty pink gown fades and pales,
the red roses wither and die,
their petals falling to the ground,
the strains of music stop,
the lights burn out,
she let him change her mind,
she let him change who she was,
never knowing it was never worth it,
the marble floors cracked,
and weeds grew through,
the dancers stopped their twirling,
the room turned grey with dust,
the dancing shoes ripped and tore,
the diamond necklace slipped and fell;
the lights in her eyes dimmed,
because she let him take away who she was,
because he laughed at what she held dear,
her dreams in her heart,
because she changed to stop the laughs,
the satin gloves grew holes,
the decorations fell to the floor,
the walls started to crumble,
the tears ran down her face,
as he broke her heart again,
leaving her empty and not herself, exposed to the world as a stranger,
trying to rebuild herself,
but not remembering who she was,
the girl she had been,
and her tears watered the weeds,
as she discovered that she had lost her way,
and for nothing

The author's comments:
This poem is about a girl who lost sight of who she was, and changed for a guy who had never even cared about her

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