March 26, 2012
Every now and then I look back,
lacking trust in even myself.
Because I don’t know who I am,
only those that made me this way.
With each step my goal looms above,
yet each look pulls me away from it.
Into a night so unfathomable I am lost,
within my mind, peers, and loved ones.
Seeking a foothold on tarnished glass,
an impossible, it seems, task.
For even though I might lack strength,
no one can doubt my perseverance.
Something which fuels my sole purpose,
ahead into the unknown, without fear.
To those that shaped me, and that didn’t,
thank you for all the cuts that wont scar.
That wont define who I am,
because only I will remember the pain.
With which comes a lesson of control,
to withstand the hurt of the world.
Learning to put on a face of peace,
when even the heavens rain down hell.
Although now that I have thought about it,
every now and then I wont look back.
Instead I’ll look within myself,
to a place where, despite all the turmoil,
remains untouched by hatred and greed.
Only the conceited know themselves,
so instead I will look for understanding.

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