March 26, 2012
By Anonymous

My eyes trace the movement of their stressing lips
My ears hear the harsh words but I am not there
Thinking of a time where hearts were full and smiles were not faked…
I am Speechless

Slamming doors, blood shot eyes, sour completions take over my corps of a body-
But I am not dead…
I am Speechless

Wounded heart, stiffened soul, push me farther into the ground-
But in the end, darkness can not win…
It never does…
I am Speechless

Putting on a mask from what I want in the future that covers my wounds-
But I am not broken…
I am Speechless

Many few can break the silence
Many few can see the pumping organs hidden beyond the surface
Many few care about that lost soul-
But few want to help me find it…
I am Speechless

No more pretending,
No more hiding…
I am just simply Speechless.

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