Mind Game

March 26, 2012
By birdieman40 BRONZE, Matthews, North Carolina
birdieman40 BRONZE, Matthews, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
I strive not for a win, but to be the absolute best.

- Tiger Woods

There is no better feeling.
The ground is softened by gentle dew.
The sun warms the earth on a late spring morning.
Before me lies the game above all games.

Years of practice have gotten me here.
Though for some reason I start to have fear.
Ahead a fairway is where I set my sight,
But the dense trees taunt me to the left.
And a pond that’s waters are gentle,
But I know the penalty and danger of its deceitful banks
I glance away but it’s as if it pulls me back with arms of evil.

I shut my eyes
Take a deep breath, regaining myself.
When I open my eyes the lush green is all I notice.
That is where I want to be.
Confidence swells as my tee punctures the ground
I address my ball and I suddenly become aware
That I am bigger than this game,
That I can conquer this game,
That this game I love and devote so much of my time
Is merely a mind game.

My thoughts slow
The beat of my heart is all I hear.
Less than a second is all it takes.
Crack, the ball explodes off the face of the club.
The feeling is like no other,
The ball travels a perfect flight.
The faint thump of the ball hitting the fairway is the first sound I hear.

Then it comes back to me.
The beauty of the place I am in.
The soft breeze rustles the trees.
Birds chirp, and achievement fills me
My club slides easily back into place in my bag.
I begin my walk to my ball,
But there is much more to be played.
The possibilities of my next shot bombard my mind.
There is no better feeling.
Golf, is a mind game.

The author's comments:
Written about a golf tournament I was leading and lost due to a mental breakdown.

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