March 26, 2012
By CDavenport BRONZE, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
CDavenport BRONZE, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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What defines this generation?
It’s not the music or the clothes
Nor the slang or restriction
Maybe it’s our freedom from woes

The dangers are greater, but it’s not a hindrance
Another boy abducted, another girl abused
Yet the youth gloats their freedoms’ prevalence
They do as they please without being perused

As the kids roam the streets, not worried of the road ahead
Getting piercings and tattoos, drinking until they’re dead
The parents clean their sheets and neatly make their bed
They watch idly by as their kids grow and pray they’ll wed

Because when the kids are gone, the parents will be free
They had their music, clothes, and slang, but they had restrictions too
They are jealous of our nonchalance and freedom, you see
Finally, they can join the new generation and bid the old adieu

So is this really the lucky generation?
We are allowed to freely express ourselves without consequence
But what if it’s detrimental equivocation?
Have we crossed the fine line between freedom and nonsense?

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