March 26, 2012
By CDavenport BRONZE, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
CDavenport BRONZE, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Lightning strikes the sands
Of all the places on the earth
Mountains, valleys, farmlands
Sporadic, it chooses the firth

A divine flashlight, the lightning illuminates the night
It reveals the true nature of the unknown
What was once utter darkness is now glowing white
It emits an intriguing and intimidating tone

But don’t be fooled by this illusion!
For Zeus has a greater plan for his fiery beams
Plans of a wondrous, miraculous fusion
Which produces something beyond what it seems

At first, a spark! And then, calmness settles in
Slowly, carefully, you approach the site of the synthesis
A new surface has replaced where sand had been
It is hot to touch but beautiful and mysterious nonetheless

This object of glory is a true product of divinity
Yet its composition is due entirely to science
A union of sky and earth, calamity and serenity
Produces none other than a elegant, crystal substance

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