The Tree

March 26, 2012
By ginger97 BRONZE, Mathews, North Carolina
ginger97 BRONZE, Mathews, North Carolina
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Tall and straight,
the tree stands
His large body and many arms sway,
His feet reach into the soft warm soil

his strong arms
were once stained with green,
But then faded
into a soft red and brown.
And then he had no color at all,
except the brown of his skin

But then spring yields it's warmth
painting flowers on his many arms
and his colors bloom once more

Then when winter's cold breath
touches his body,
the life falls from him
and his beauty with it,

His bare, skinny arms reaching
towards the gray, cold sky.
for the sun's warmth
when it has become cold and harsh

And waiting

For the warmth to return

The author's comments:
I was bored one day and was looking out my window and i just thought to myself, I think I might write something about a tree...

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