March 26, 2012
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I stare up into the dark and bare sky,
suddenly lit up with brilliant luminosity.
Gazing at the bright bursts of energy and light,
everyone stares in awe.

The cool evening breeze swiftly whips across our faces.
It is the perfect temperature,
Not too hot,
Not too cold.

I am surrounded by family and friends,

We sit on the porch,
Or lye on blankets in the front yard,
Reminiscing about good times.
The young kids run around,
Catching fireflies in mason jars.
They hang them in the trees,
Like lanterns floating in space.

Tension hangs in the air,
Everyone is
For the grand finale of the glowing magnificence.

The lights are spaceships shooting through the night sky.

Suddenly, a single light shoots up into the air,
Hanging there like the fire on a candle wick,
But only for a moment.

It suddenly starts to descend,
Glimmering until it is no longer visible.

Unaware of the upcoming wonder,
We all sit in silence,
Until light once again fills the sky.

The marvelous show continues, and we are filled with joy.
As the end draws near, we exchange goodbyes and people leave.

I am the only one left,
Pondering the glorious fireworks,
Turning the bromidic night into an
illustrious wonder.

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