Heartless Lullaby

March 26, 2012
My head hangs like a dead goose,
Walking toward the deadly noose.
I have been broken,
With all the words I can say, spoken.
Was I worth any of your time?
Or is heart-breaker your natural crime?
I never gave you my heart,
But you went ahead and tore it apart.
That girl you kiss,
I hope that was you deadly bliss.
My insides frighten,
When the noose tightens.
Say your goodbyes,
And sing your heartless lullaby.
For when you see the world so dark,
You know you have left you mark.
The single step its takes,
Makes your heart quake.
It’s time to jump,
But you fall against the soils lump.
My heart stops,
Just when your sanity pops.
Away my body is carried,
By now you won’t be married.
Have you seen the tears?
Releasing all your fears.
You lay against my headstone,
Until your cold in your bones.
There you die,
But I sing the heartless lullaby.

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InTheEnd said...
Oct. 17, 2012 at 6:07 am
Like it? Tell me if you do :)
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