Goodbye For For Now And Forever

March 26, 2012
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You grabbed my hand and said you'd be here forever,
from beginning to end,
through thick and thin.
Then the waters got a little higher than usual,
more frequent,
more disturbing-
and that's when i felt your grasp transition to a loose hold then I couldn't feel you anymore.
When you said you'd be back,
I knew what you really meant-
you were telling me to find a way to fend for myself cause you would not.
With a simple kiss to my salty-tasting,
tear-staining lips,
and a stroke to my mascara-marked cheek-
you were gone.
Disappearing into the dark sheet of blackness,
with no further words,
nor feeling-
you were gone.
My heart trudged alongside you,
but the pain stayed-
instantly reminding me that you won't be back anytime soon.

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