The Future Land

March 26, 2012
By Poison2urheart BRONZE, Jackson, Tennessee
Poison2urheart BRONZE, Jackson, Tennessee
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Open your eyes!
Look around, see that your world isn't perfect.
It's bound and lives off of suffering lies
Don't look away! Open them!
See that even on your doorstep
Your little beloved world is in chaos
Listen to me!
I'm screaming in your covered ears
Hear those above me that live in fear
Listen to them!
The greedy cheers of yesterday
Is the start of many tears today
That will be the end of tomorrow
Unlock your soul!
Defy God and all His glory
We are not perfect in His world
Open your eyes!
Uncover your soul!
Use your heart!
Stand up to those that put you down.
The world isn't perfect.
But, take my hand
Let's turn this forsaken Earth
Into the Future's Paradise Land.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to help inspire people to not give up. That just because times are tough now doesn't mean that tomorrow won't be brighter.

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