A Walk Without Worries

March 26, 2012
By moriah croffut BRONZE, Monroe, North Carolina
moriah croffut BRONZE, Monroe, North Carolina
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My feet trudged in the thick, wet sand,
and I stumbled like a baby.
I could smell the salty ocean,
And feel my grandfather’s pulse
as I grasped his warm,
Veiny hand.
His grip was tight,
yet gentle.
I felt safe.

The ocean’s waves crept up to my feet,
Like a shy puppy
The breeze tickled my face.
It was calm,
And the birds that had once been so annoying,
Now seemed to sing a melody.

I gazed into my grandfather’s eyes,
And he smiled at me.
A smile,
warmer than the sun.
I grasped on to my grandfather’s hand,
And all of my worries disappeared.

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