My Mask

March 24, 2012
I always pretend
remove my mask and you will find a girl
a girl so scared
a girl so sad
a girl so mad
but everyday I pretend
I have a mask with a girl
a girl so happy
a girl so joyous
a girl so optimistic
how much longer do I have to pretend?
I want to be myself!

day after day
night after night
I live in a shell of a girl who is not me
sun up, sun down
sun down, sun up
I await a day when I can finally break free
break free of this mask
break free of this life
I have lived so many days as she
how many more as me?

a fight has broken out
a fight inside myself
I want to break free
break free of this mask!
I want to be me!

Cruel world, cruel world
cold world...
what have i done to thee?
I am lost
help me find it!
where did you take it?
why did you hide it?
I need it now,
although I will never be myself
Mask, mask, I need you again.

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